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Reading for Geez Magazine

I’ve been so grateful to be a part of Geez Magazine’s Advent devotional for two years now. However, this year when they asked me to read my poem for them, I had to take a few deep breaths before saying yes! What a delight it was to share this poem with many listeners and hear…

Published in Spiritus Journal

I am a big fan of the content that Spiritus Journal puts out into the world. Which is one big reason that I’m honored and thrilled to have a poem published in their Autumn edition this past month!

A Time of Singing

Don’t you have a secret fondness for journals that are resisting the pull of the internet and remaining analog in their publications? A Time of Singing was generous enough to publish one of my poems this autumn, and it was such fun to receive this piece in the mail!

Featured Poet for Collected Magazine

It was my honor to be the featured poet in Collected Magazine’s Vol.3 Issue 4:  SONG. You can check out their full publication online here, and several more of my poems here. “Stand up – quickly now! – For the silver trees are laughing Only for a moment; A coronation of crows Is stirring up…


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I’m Jenna, a vegetable lover, tea drinker, compulsive writer, travel lover. Oh, and I’m a sometimes published poet and author.

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