Featured Poet for Collected Magazine

It was my honor to be the featured poet in Collected Magazine’s Vol.3 Issue 4:  SONG. You can check out their full publication online here, and several more of my poems here. “Stand up – quickly now! – For the silver trees are laughing Only for a moment; A coronation of crows Is stirring upContinue reading “Featured Poet for Collected Magazine”

Happy Birthday, Pilgrims I Have Been

This Fall my first collection of poems, Pilgrims I Have Been, turned one year old. It’s been a joy to continue hearing from those of you who are discovering these poems for the first time, or sharing them with others as we begin a new season. Putting this collection of poems out into the worldContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Pilgrims I Have Been”

The House of the World

NFSPS Honorable Mention Now dusk drops its sheer  curtains over the bruised hills Now the door of the day’s light  closes with a crimson shudder, leaves the porch light stuttering on  for the moon. Hogs and leopards return to her dark hearth; flowers genuflect and softly enter their dim cathedrals. And the restless ones stirContinue reading “The House of the World”