Featured Poet for Collected Magazine

It was my honor to be the featured poet in Collected Magazine’s Vol.3 Issue 4:  SONG. You can check out their full publication online here, and several more of my poems here. “Stand up – quickly now! – For the silver trees are laughing Only for a moment; A coronation of crows Is stirring upContinue reading “Featured Poet for Collected Magazine”

Three Poems at Impspired

Thank you Impspired for publishing three of my poems in their latest issue: The Canticle, Lake Swim, and St. Clare in her Cloister. “…and you are indistinguishable, fused into movement you exert yourself for the pure joy of reaching, your breath heavying your heart singing into your brain.” I encourage you to check them outContinue reading “Three Poems at Impspired”

“Blind Girl Reading”: New Ekphrastic Poem

I’m thrilled to see my submission for the Ekphrastic Review’s weekly challenge at the top of the page this week! An experience of the word So bodily, eyes In the meeting Of print and finger, Each word A journey your hand Must travel, send postage… Read the whole poem, and other winning submissions, here.